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     Vasiliy Scherbakov (1)
     Evgeniy Zvezdakov (1)
     Sergey Kuchkov (1)
     Boris Scherbakov (1)
     Ivan Krivoruchko (1)
     Vadim Shmelyev (1)

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"Unofficial Assignment"

Duration: 95 min.

Genre: War, Drama

Production: "Cinebridge" Film Company, Russia

Year: 2004

General Producer: Sergey Kuchkov

Director: Vitaliy Vorobyev

Screenplay: Sergey Sergeev, Vera Fedorova, Sergey Kuchkov, Vitaliy Vorobyev

Cast: Pavel Maykov, Mikhail Prismotrov, Vasiliy Slyusarenko, Sergey Potapov, Alexandr Serikov, Igor' Marychev, Timur Savin, Mikhail Vas'kov, Aleksey Ilyin, Nikolay Karpenko, Ekaterina Maslovskaya

About: The wars are over not when the peaceful papers are stamped and signed but when the shooting is ended. The story takes place during after the WWII years in Chezh Republic. Germany has capitulated but random Nazi troops still try to resist in the rear of Russian army. The order to liquidate one of such groups is given to the commander of Russian spy regiment, Captain Voronkov. He has not enough resources, so he asks a neighborhood Kazak union for help. The assignment looks easy at first, but then turns to life and death fight.

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"No New Year This Year"

Duration: 80 min.

Genre: Comedy

Production: "Cinebridge" Film Company, Russia

Year: 2004

General Producer: Sergey Kuchkov

Director: Vadim Shmelyev


Cast: Pavel Maykov, Tatyana Arntgoltz, Aleksey Ilyin, Darya Belousova, Artem Mazunov, Vitaliy Al'shanskiy, Aleksandr Chislov

About: On the eve of New Year 2 girls Katya and Zhenya get a job in the supermarket. Just when the store is about to close they go to the cashier to receive their money. After waiting for the accountant for an hour the girls suddenly realize they are locked totally alone in the big store for the whole New Year’s night. However, in a few hours they find out they are not alone in the supermarket. They notice 2 weird guys walking around. The girls are scared, but they have no choice but to find out who are those strangers.

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