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     Alexandr Zamyatin (8)
     Vitaliy Vorobyev (7)
     Vyacheslav Afonin (3)
     Evgeniy Sokolov (3)
     Andrey Malyukov (2)
     Vasiliy Scherbakov (1)
     Evgeniy Zvezdakov (1)
     Sergey Kuchkov (1)
     Boris Scherbakov (1)
     Ivan Krivoruchko (1)
     Vadim Shmelyev (1)

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     Adventure (13)
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     Melodrama (3)
     Children's (3)
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     Fantasy (2)
     Black Humour (1)
     Thriller (1)
     Mystic (1)

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     2008 (3)
     2007 (3)
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     2003 (2)
     >>2002 (3)
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"Dreaming Of The Fifth Season"

Duration: 52 min.

Genre: Melodrama

Production: "Cinebridge" Film Company, Russia

Year: 2002

General Producer: Sergey Kuchkov

Director: Vyacheslav Afonin

Screenplay: Sergey Sergeev

Cast: Boris Nevzorov, Galina Sazonova, Viktor Sergachev, Natalya Lukeicheva, Vita Grebneva

About: Based on the book by Eugene Gabrilovich. It is never late to fall in love. Galina and Andrey, both not so young, fall in love with each other. They have been waiting for this too long and now it seems to them this will never end. But fate had other plans. Their love and passion found no understanding in selfish children, who clearly express their negative attitude towards parents’ late romance. Will Galina and Andrey overcome these difficulties and keep their feeling?

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"A Bad Habbit"

Duration: 85 min.

Genre: Comedy, Black Humour

Production: "Renessance Studio", Russia

Year: 2002

General Producer: Sergey Kuchkov

Director: Andrey Malyukov

Screenplay: Andrey Samsonov, Sergey Sergeev

Cast: Alexandra Zakharova, Zinaida Sharko, Ada Rogovtseva, Alexandr Lykov, Mikhail Vasserbaum, Alexandr Len'kov, Sergey Barkovskiy, Nikolay Trofimov

About: Two old lovely ladies live in the surroundings of Saint Petersburg in an old lovely cottage. They are also joined by their niece Nastya and crazy nephew Mitya, who pretends to be Chapaev, the famous commander. One fine day Nastya, preparing for her honeymoon trip, finds a dead body of an old man in her…suitcase. Nastya almost looses her mind and tries to get rid of the corpse in any possible way. The old ladies act like nothing happened, when another relative arrives. It is the other nephew Zhora, who escaped from the prison and who also wants to stay in the cottage, with his plastic surgeon Sklifosovsky and a new corpse.

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"The Mystery Of Zaborsky Lake"

Duration: 65 min.

Genre: Adventure, Children's

Production: "Cinebridge" Film Company, Russia

Year: 2002

General Producer: Sergey Kuchkov, Mark Levin

Director: Evgeniy Sokolov

Screenplay: Vera Fedorova

Cast: Maksim Emelyanov, Rina Grishina, Nikita Ostrikov, Dasha Chernyavskaya, Vanya Roldugin, Mariya Kuznetsova

About: What to do when a place known from the childhood becomes a dangerous one? When an unknown creature awaits for you in the depth of beloved river? You have to run as far as you can. Or try to fight? It’s not an easy choice for 12 year old Kostya…

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