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     By Directors:
     Alexandr Zamyatin (8)
     Vitaliy Vorobyev (7)
     Vyacheslav Afonin (3)
     Evgeniy Sokolov (3)
     Andrey Malyukov (2)
     Vasiliy Scherbakov (1)
     Evgeniy Zvezdakov (1)
     Sergey Kuchkov (1)
     Boris Scherbakov (1)
     Ivan Krivoruchko (1)
     Vadim Shmelyev (1)

     By Genres:
     Adventure (13)
     War (9)
     Drama (9)
     Comedy (9)
     Melodrama (3)
     Children's (3)
     Family (2)
     >>Fantasy (2)
     Black Humour (1)
     Thriller (1)
     Mystic (1)

     By Years:
     2008 (3)
     2007 (3)
     2006 (3)
     2005 (9)
     2004 (2)
     2003 (2)
     2002 (3)
     1993 (1)
     1990 (1)

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Duration: 80 min.

Genre: Adventure, Children's, Fantasy

Production: "Cinebridge" Film Company, Russia

Year: 2006

General Producer: Sergey Kuchkov

Director: Vyacheslav Afonin

Screenplay: Vera Fedorova

Cast: Liza Arzamasova, Denis Yasik, Darya Belousova

About: It is scary to be alone for a little girl. It is even scarier for her to be lost in time. She has to meet the wild bandits of the Wild West, to fight the tough pirates of the South Seas, to run from the giant spider and to hide from the ancient people of the cave. But even a little girl can succeed in doing all this when she has true friends beside her and when her purpose is to find a lost brother.

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Duration: 85 min.

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy

Production: "Cinebridge" Film Company, Russia

Year: 1993

General Producer: Sergey Kuchkov

Director: Sergey Kuchkov

Screenplay: Sergey Kuchkov

Cast: Ella Safari, Boris Scherbakov, Vladimir Antonik, Georgiy Nikolaenko

About: After a shocking catastrophe at the atomic power station no one lives in the dangerous zone. A group of scientists arrives for experiments and meets anomaly phenomenon: following the nuclear radiation the animals became mutants, grew to giant sizes and started to attack people…

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